Just A Thank You

Just A Thank You


Hi everyone, I just wanted to take the time in the midst of typing out my last Hong Kong Trilogy blog post, to say a huge thank you because I’ve reached 370 hits on this site! And the crazy thing is that, it’s only been 1 week or so. AND… I see that people from Hong Kong read my blog the most – not a surprise since my blog is full of Hong Kong related content! Thank you guys!

It’s funny, because never in my wildest dreams have I ever envisioned myself running a travel blog. I mean I always wanted to like 5 years ago, but I never really got the chance to and neither did I dared to. It was not until I came back from my Hong Kong trip and thought to myself, what the heck, I’ll just do it!

I think this is also why my content is a little ‘messy’ and not too detailed (though I try my best to be). I didn’t think about starting this blog while I was in Hong Kong, so when I was there all I did was randomly snap pictures without giving it much thought. I felt like I should have taken more though, but that’s alright. I’ll be flying off to Bandung Indonesia in July (2 more months or less) and I’ll definitely be snapping A LOT of pictures. I can’t wait! I hope I get to do a detailed post on Bandung because I’m there for business rather than pleasure. I’ll be filming and producing a documentary film in Bandung for my school so… I might be pretty busy there, but I’ll try my best as well.

I love travelling, and always have. It’s something I enjoy you know? The feeling of getting into an airplane and getting prepared to embark on a new and exciting journey. God, it makes my heart so full.

I hope my blog continues to keep you entertained and give you some sort of information regarding the places I’ve travelled. It’s not a lot of content yet, but this blog is only 13┬ádays old. I really can’t wait to see what life has in stored for this blog and I!

With love,