About Vanessa

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A Welcome Note To My Readers:

Hi there! I’m Vanessa and I am 20 this year. I live in Singapore and study Creative Writing at Singapore Polytechnic. I plan to major in Social Work when I go off to University. As for career plans… I have no clue yet. But I would love a job that requires me to write, teach and definitely travel all over the world.

My dream has always been to travel everywhere before I die. Ambitious huh? I started this blog, kind of like a travel diary to pen down and share with everyone, the places I’ve been to… and write about anything travel related. Oh and, one of my biggest dreams is to travel alone, just me myself and I. I don’t think I’ve come to a point in my life where I can do that just yet, but we’ll see. As for my other dreams… I really want fly, and also to be a motivational speaker/writer, and travel around the world to help people, stuff like that. The thought of it scares me, because I’m quite a shy person in nature, so I don’t know how that will work out but we shall see!

Anyway, I’m a daughter to two great parents and I have a older brother and sister, who is already married. My mom is a house-wife while my dad works as a flight analyst – which explains our family’s love for travelling I guess. He’s into airplanes and travelling. My parents used to travel a whole lot when they were younger, but now that they are in their 60s, it’s harder. They’ve been to many places I’ve always wanted to go to, like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hawaii, Taiwan, Vietnam etc… My dad travelled more places than my mom though, because of the nature of his job in the past and stuff like that. I reckon he has been to at least 70% of the countries in the world.

I hope everyone will have a fun time reading what I produce, and may we always live life to the fullest.