My 2017 Bandung School Trip

My 2017 Bandung School Trip

Hi everyone!

The past few months have been such a blur. I have been so busy trying to navigate my way through surviving school.. and just life in general. And… I got back from Bandung about 2 weeks ago and I am so excited to post these really candid, yet beautiful pictures of my trip!

Just to be clear, it was a school trip, so I didn’t get to explore Bandung as much as I would have loved to, but still I am grateful for Singapore Poly for sponsoring our course to film a documentary there! Any chance I get to travel… I’ll take it!

I can’t go in-depth into my travels because I barely had time to really explore the place but I hope you’ll enjoy my pictures!

1. The Hotel or rather Resort (Blackbird Hotel Bandung, Jl. Sersan Bajuri No.9, Cihideung, Parongpong, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat 40559, Indonesia)

2. The Food (Some parts of it, we mostly ate whatever our school catered for us, it wasn’t anything too special hence why I didn’t snap that many pictures)

3. The Scenery & Friends

Ta…da!!! Took me 30 minutes to arrange all the pictures together. Bandung’s beautiful and I’m really sad that I was travelling there for work rather than pleasure. But, I’ve already made some plans to go back there in 2018 for about 3 days! I can’t wait.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
I was in my School-T, pardon the really ugly dress-code




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